At UNLOCKED, we record a lot of audio, most of which gets used entirely or mined for content. Sometimes, we record a segment or discussion or interview and only use five minutes of it. What happens to the rest? If it’s worth hearing again, we put it here in Sidebars. This is the place to come and look for extras, bloopers, or other uncut segments.

Episode 6 – Interviews with David Nguyen; Brian Yang; and Mark Taylor. Check out a video of David’s first morning as a free man!

Episode 5 – B Yard Group Discussion with Alfred Sandoval

Episode 4 – Kunlyna’s letter to his son.

Episode 2 Raw Tracks: Mike Swanigan’s ARC interviews; Mark Taylor of the Hope and Redemption Team; Pelican Bay Scholars Talent Showcase

Read an interview with Kunlyna Tauch about what it’s like inside under COVID lockdown. Thanks to Tony Wallin and Humboldt State University’s Lumberjack.

Checkout a local TV news story about UNLOCKED done right before the lockdown by KAEF 23 in Eureka.

Paul Takes The Cell Challenge