Pelican Bay UNLOCKED – Episode 9: New A Yard Class

Here’s a double-shot of UNLOCKED to get back into the swing after too many months locked down due to COVID; and this spin is a little different. Two new class rosters, new location on the Yard (Chapel clerks, REPRESENT!), and a new stress on teaching the art of podcasting. Previous episodes have focused on the what the guys had to say. Starting with Episode 9, the guys are also learning how to say what they want to say. That means learning how to record, proper mic technique, how to edit in the digital space, as well as more abstract things like how to use these tools to construct a suitable sonic space for the listener…but first comes learning what plug goes in which input, how to adjust gain to limit room noise, how to politely tell a roomful of your cohorts to shut the f*** up!

In this episode, you meet the new A Yard class. And Barry, again. He’s still here for this episode. (Tune in next time for more on Barry’s transfer and what the future holds for this UNLOCKED alum.) Henry makes an appearance from the pervious class, running the new guys through the interview process. The recording and editing of this episode was done entirely by the A Yard Audio Journalism Class!

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