Pelican Bay UNLOCKED – Episode 8: Flowers for K

Kunlyna Tauch – K – was an integral part of the UNLOCKED crew until his transfer to Lancaster in 2021. Since that time, he’s continued his journey, working the programs in his new Level Three home, going to school, training dogs, and collecting the documents he’ll need to file for commutation. He is a remarkable young man, a writer, a father, a community-builder.

In this episode, we get to know this dynamic man-in-blue. K shares his story, from killing a youth in Long Beach as a teenage gang member, to finding a purposeful life behind bars. We also hear from two people on the outside who have worked extensively with K, and who, along with the producer of this podcast, would be excited to have this man as a neighbor.

K’s story not only represents the redemptive arc of his own thoughtful life, but also the possibility of redemption faced by so many more prisoners today. K’s story is exactly how California’s prison reforms should play out: With a man given the opportunity of leaving prison a better man than when he came in.