Pelican Bay UNLOCKED – Episode 6: David Nguyen Gets OUT!

David Nguyen walked out of Pelican Bay one day back in February, into the arms of his family – a free man. While incarcerated, David made the most of the programming available. He helped establish the inmate newspaper. He graduated from college, one of the first two inmates to do so at The Bay, and the first in his family. He’s a positive, upbeat guy. And now he’s a free man. End of story, right? Time served…

For ever person who is released from prison, an entirely new chapter of life begins, one fraught with as many pitfalls and challenges as prison itself. Finding work. Re-growing relationships. Even facing the dizzying sensory overload of the bread aisle in the supermarket.

In this episode, we explore what it means to get out, and what the newly-formerly incarcerated need to thrive in their new lives on the outside. First, we check in with David as he emerges from quarantine in Southern California. Then we talk with Brian Yang, former Pelican Bay inmate, about the struggles he’s faced since his release in 2019. And last comes Mark Taylor, Hope and Redemption Life Coach for the Anti Recidivism Coalition, who wraps it all up by sharing his personal experience getting out and the work he’s doing now to help others surmount the challenges of being free.

All three interviews that comprise this episode can be heard in their entirety on the Sidebars page; you can also check out the video of David’s first morning as a free man.

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