Pelican Bay UNLOCKED – Episode 2: Outside In

We started this episode back in March, then, well, you know…but while COVID ONE NINE might have locked everything down, it only caused a pause in the production of UNLOCKED.

In Episode 2, B Yard’s Mike Swanigan, with an assist from Kunlyna Tauch, takes you to the Criminals and Gang Members Anonymous Graduation ceremony in B Yard Visitation; he gets some prime time with the Anti-Recidivism Coalition’s CEO Sam Lewis, as well as other key voices in the ARC. Then, kicking it over to A Yard, the crew interviews Mark Taylor, a member of the ARC’s Hope and Redemption Team, about how the ARC helped him get free, and what it took for him to start giving back.

Marco Garcia from A Yard talks with Andrew Winn and Gunner Johnson of Project Rebound, an organization that strives to connect inmates and parolees with higher education in the CSU system. (For FIFTY years!) Then Barry Woods and Henry Ruiz hit the Talent Showcase put on by the College of the Redwoods Pelican Bay Scholars, interviewing some of the presenters and guests. We also get a taste of the Showcase. (You can catch the Pelican Bay Scholars Talent Showcase in its entirety on the Sidebars page. Same with Big Mike’s ARC interviews and A Yard’s conversation with Mark Taylor.)

Where truth meets reality…

2 thoughts on “Pelican Bay UNLOCKED – Episode 2: Outside In

  1. Yet another excellent episode! Thank you Scholars, podcast crew and Paul for the shout out! It is such an honor to work with the guys in Pelican Bay and support them in making their goals their reality. Also, hats off to the fellas who performed at the CR Scholars showcase!!!! It was an amazing event for sure, so thank you for including a link to the full performance on the UNLOCKED site! 🙂
    With respect today and always! Ms.Eagles

  2. So proud of these Scholars, I’m so thankful for being allowed to go into Pelican Bay and have the privilege of meeting you Scholars.

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