Pelican Bay UNLOCKED – Episode 1: Capone

Imagine you are in prison and someone tells you that a new inmate on your tier is from your hometown, and it turns out that the new guy is also a member of your victims’ family. This is the story of Audio Journalism student Marcel Buggs and a face from his past: Capone. The dialogue they share in this episode encompasses more than the particulars of their collective history, it also addresses the nature of recrimination, retribution, responsibility, and, ultimately, forgiveness. Along the way, we also hear from other UNLOCKED voices about the Victim Offender Education Group, the unforeseen, self-inflicted consequences of crime, and the acceptance and transcendence of past trauma.
1. Dreams – cold-open poem by Kunlyna Tauch
2. Intro – written and voiced by Mike Swanigan
3. Capone 1 – Marcel Buggs and Antwan Johnson (Capone) get into their story
4. VOEG – Henry Ruiz on the Victim Offender Education Group
5. Capone 2
6. Don’t Cry For Me – spoken word from Barry Woods
7. Ripples – Daniel Noriega shares a sad story of unexpected consequences
8. Capone 3
9. House Training – Abdul Hafiz (Otis Crawford) on forgiveness and trauma
10. Wholeness In Body – rap written and performed by Ayodele Patterson over Not The Cypher from Benjamin Banger
11. Capone 4
12. Outro – Abdul Hafiz

All the music used in this episode was the result of several online searches for “license-free low-fi chill jams.” Thanks to the artists that just put their stuff out there for the world to use!

5 thoughts on “Pelican Bay UNLOCKED – Episode 1: Capone

  1. Wonderful job everyone!! I’m super proud of my love on everything he is doing and has accomplished. Thank y’all for sharing can’t wait to hear more

  2. Congratulations, Pelican Bay Unlocked!! It’s wonderful to hear your stories, and to have this chance myself to open up to the world around me and learn from you. This work is important – you’re going to help people to wake up! Thank you for your work and I can’t wait to hear more.

    (P.S. A yard: feel free to ask the theatre class to keep it down any time you need to record…haha…we support you!)

  3. Thanks so much for making this video, it has touched my heart and soul. My fiance has been incarcerated at Olympic Correction Center since August 2017 and it has been really hard not having him around. I’m excited to say he’ll be getting out on May 20th 2020

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  4. These words are very touching and to know that the man who took my heart has a chance to express himself to the world. For humanity to understand that mistakes made in life could change life in a positive way.

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